Arctic Five Activity Report 2016-2020


Arctic Five Activity Report 2016-2020

The Arctic Five Activity Report 2016-2020 presents collaborative efforts during the last four years.

During the first year of the report, the Nordic Arctic collaboration Joint Arctic Agenda was established, and an agreement was signed by the rectors of University of Oulu, the Arctic university of Norway - UIT, University of Lapland and Luleå university of technology. In the second year, Umeå university was included as a new member of the collaboration, and the new name Arctic Five is decided, as well as the main objectives formed.

During 2018 engagement in Arctic Frontiers, European Union, Barents cooperation, international funding, and thematic areas were discussed. An investigation on existing Arctic cooperation was initiated, and a survey distributed amongst the thematic areas.

For the next two years Umeå university takes responsibility for the Arctic Five secretariat, and Luleå university of technology chair the Rector’s council. Arctic Five bibliometrics (2008-2017) were published, and the leaders for the thematic areas appointed.

In 2019 sessions were organized for Arctic Frontiers as well as workshops for European Universities Initiative application. Luleå university of technology presented a design for the Arctic Five website and an official Arctic Five logotype. An Arctic Five promotion folder was presented by Umeå university. Arctic Five rectors participated in the Nordic Rector’s Meeting in Brussels, and Arctic Five was presented to DG Research & Innovation at the European Commission. They instantly invited Arctic Five to present a position paper related to the upcoming research program Horizon Europe 2021-2027, which was submitted. An Arctic Five science tour, with online broadcasting, was well attended and received, and the EU Arctic Forum was arranged in Umeå, where Arctic Five was promoted in presentations and media interviews. Formal agreements with associated partners in the European Arctic University consortium were signed and Arctic Five PhD Winter School on Energy Transition in the North was arranged.

During this year, 2020, the application team organized the session The Arctic Five – Knowledge Production in the Arctic for the Arctic at Arctic Frontiers, and for the first time students were represented. In September the first online meeting with Arctic Five student’s team was arranged, and students from all member universities participated.

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Anngelica Kristoferqvist, Arcum